Buying Cryptocurrencies

You can buy cryptocurrencies easy at one of Europe most leading exchanges with FIAT as like EU, USD, GBP and Creditcard and etc. and trade in 50+ cryptocurrencies at Bitvavo.

Short history

Today there are many ways to buy cryptocurrencies easier with FIAT currencies as like EU, USD, GBP and SEPA or Creditcard systems and etc. Still there are people who are new or doesn’t know how to buy.

And there are other reasons and demands which are decisive in the choices that people make. See one of the core reasons cryptocurrency became to life was anonymity and privacy. So in the beginning it wasn’t easy to buy online but the privacy was highly preserved.

Making systems easier to use and mixing two worlds together means that that’s the point when the regulating, controlled and centralized side can monitor when you are crossing to the other side which is deregulate, not controlled and decentralized.

The side of being your own bank and where the currency isn’t owned by the central banks but where the currencies are owned by the people (accept a few centralized… that is a story for another topic).

“In Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Decentralization We Trust”.


Exchanging the old centralized monetary system into the decentralized cryptocurrency should not be swapped back to the old currency cause of many reasons. There are many ways to keep your cryptocurrencies and pay FIAT without need to really good back.

Enough solutions are developing each day but the point is, why should you go back since you are your own bank you can pay anyone in the world without somebody in between by send it directly wallet to wallet (peer to peer).