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We Are... We Trust...

We are a platform made for the Crypto Society and all Communities within that supports, building and participating on the further future of the Ethereum Blockchain and Ecosystem.


We are a part of the Blockchain and one of the many Crypto Communities and more in coming, who are building on a better and greater decentralized future.


We are part of the greatest FinTech Revolution in mankind.


“In Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Decentralization We Trust”.


* Freedom to do what and whenever you want.
* Generate rewards true smart contracts on mainly the Ethereum Blockchain.

* Learn and educate how this revolutionary technology works and create financially freedom.

* Becoming a Crypto Revolutionary and co-creator of the greatest FinTech Revolution in mankind.

Master yourself and learn how this change your life and the lives of many around you.

The technology is to complex for many to understand right away, but not impossible to use with the developments of today and all new upcoming.

Learn about long and short terms investments without trowing away all your precious time to other then your own success.

While participate and educate creating knowledge to share with the people around you and all the possibilities and what we are heading to in this amazing decentralized future of the Blockchain.

The Future is here

This is the moment where the world of FinTech are merging into our daily lives, creating opportunities for all of us. Creating time to do whenever we like and whatever we like… “Real Freedom”.


Become a FinTech and Crypto Revolutionary true our Crypto Revolts membership and get excess to our channel. Are you a small or middle size investor, a newbey or an expierience investor you will receive alerts and recommandations of assets for short and long term investments. Life changing oppertunies with small stakes that can take you to another level.

The Crypto Revolts membership is not yet eligible for participation in Smart Contracts, these are at this moment only for private circles and based on invitations. Without invitation of a private member you can subscribe to become a FinTech and Crypto Revolutionary to register your WAVE membership.

The Crypto Revolts membership will classified your invitation to register the Smart Contract on the opening of public network before the late applicants with invitations and passers-by.

“Be aware that the info we advice to add into your portfolio are collected with care and researched by a few of worlds greatest analysts and speculators related to investment groups and hedge funds of keen bulls results. But even with the most care and precautions every advice or recommandation is always on your own responsibility and risk(!)”.

Ethereum Blockchain

We are building a better, decentralized and smart society. The world of economic is already making a shift to the decentralized technology of Blockchain.

For the large and big size investors we only offer our knowledge and service to manage personal “Assets & Investment” portfolios.

For more inquiry and info contact ALYCIA Investment Management.

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